True to Self or Simply Selfish?

There’s a wonderful article over at about gays and lesbians forgoing their same-sex attractions in order to forge successful heterosexual marriages.  Author Douglas Mainwaring contrasts their decision to the recent decision of Christian music artist Trey Pearson to leave Read more…

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Reason Isn’t Enough

Harvard professor, Mark Tushnet is arguing that conservative Christians ought to be treated like Nazis.  In Duxbury Connecticut dozens of nude and semi-nude ‘selfies’ taken by local high school girls for their boyfriends were discovered posted online at Dropbox and Read more…

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God is Like a Train

We Christians have a communication problem when we try to share the truth about God with unbelieving friends and family members.  The problem is there are actually two different kinds of truth claims and most people tend to mix them Read more…

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