This is a film clip from the movie 1984. I haven’t seen this movie in many years but I do remember this scene because it was so disturbing. The statement “Freedom is the freedom to say 2 + 2 = 4” rings in my ears today because freedom is also the freedom to call a man a man and a woman a woman.  If there is a difference between the two I can’t see it.  

There’s a sense in which we surrendered this battle a long time ago when we quietly and foolishly capitulated to the expulsion of God from government and public policy.  It seemed so harmless then…But government recognition of God is the lynchpin of freedom.  Once a government stops recognizing God as an authority over itself it is only a matter of time before it stops acknowledging the existence of any morality external to itself that is binding upon its actions.  Unrestrained by God and His moral law, government officials are then free to make up the rules as they goes along. Stated simply, government without God becomes God.  Citizens get whatever liberties the people who happen to be in power at the time decide to give them.  Welcome to America in the 21st century.

Christian business owners are forced to participate in homosexual weddings or risk losing their livelihood.   Laws are passed and edicts issued to force us to pretend that men are women and women are men.  If Gov. Rauner signs SB1564 into law pro-life doctors and nurses will be forced to discuss the “benefits of abortion” with their patients.  Freedom of conscience and the right to speak and live in obedience to the Truth is on the verge of obliteration.  Will anyone miss it when it’s gone?

I’m not sure they will. We’re about to lose these rights in part because we haven’t been exercising them. Ironically the problem is also the solution.  Big-T Truth in the public square is still what is desperately needed – whether it staves off national disaster or not.  Unfortunately, what could be a shining moment for the church is looking more and more like a non-event.  Where are the letters to the editor from local church leaders? Where are the pastors speaking out at local school board and civic meetings?   Where are the sermons preparing us for the persecution that’s all but inevitable?  What’s the plan oh Mighty Men of God?

My greatest fear is that the plan is to do nothing.  Say nothing.  Stand for nothing.  Our biggest failing is not intolerance.  It’s indifference.  Are we our brothers’ keeper or not?  Cain thought that was a throw away question. Do we?

Two plus two is about to equal five.  What’s the plan oh mighty men of God?

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