As Christ followers we are called to be a light in this fallen world. We want to encourage one another and build up our relationships with Christ and other women. For it says in John 1:5:

“The light (Jesus) shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it “

Let us help that light shine through you in whatever we do-whether your job consists of being a stay at home mother, a student, or being in the business field.  For the most part, we all share similar struggles, and as sisters in Christ, we NEED discipleship to not only grow together but to be encouraged and held accountable as well.

Because of this Jesus’ command to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20), personal disciplesihip is the cornerstone of all ministry at New Hope.  The discipleship of both men and women at New Hope is accomplished primarily through our one on one discipleship ministry known as One Brick Personal Discipleship. In the ONE BRICK MINISTRY, a woman typically meets on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly) with another ‘older’ woman to work through several key books of the Bible together.  ONE BRICK is a safe place to bring questions, struggles or even doubts and to learn what it really means to live in obedience to Christ as a woman in 21st century America. In addition to One Brick Discipleship, our WOMEN’S MINISTRY meets monthly.

“She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue”

Proverbs 31:26