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Teri Paulson
January 9, 2019

A Gift From God Through a Courageous Chinese Pastor

A remarkable gift given was given to the church last month in the form of a letter.  It was written by Chinese house church pastor Wang Yi to be released on the event of his arrest, which took place in early December. According to World Magazine, Pastor Wang Yi had been preparing for the day […]

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June 25, 2016

When Progress is Regress: Killing Our Children

We take much for granted in the West and especially here in the United States. The legacy of a Christian past supplies us with blessings we do not adequately appreciate.  One of those blessings is a general respect for the value of human life.  The belief that all people are of equal intrinsic value is […]

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June 9, 2016

How Christianity Changed the World

Several years ago I read a wonderful and inspiring book called How Christianity Changed the World by Alvin J. Schmidt who is an emeritus professor of sociology at Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois. This book along with others documents the positive effect the life and teachings of the Jesus and His followers have had on human […]

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June 3, 2016

So What’s the Plan Oh Mighty Men of God?

This is a film clip from the movie 1984. I haven’t seen this movie in many years but I do remember this scene because it was so disturbing. The statement “Freedom is the freedom to say 2 + 2 = 4” rings in my ears today because freedom is also the freedom to call a […]

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May 10, 2016

Reason Isn’t Enough

Harvard professor, Mark Tushnet is arguing that conservative Christians ought to be treated like Nazis.  In Duxbury Connecticut dozens of nude and semi-nude ‘selfies’ taken by local high school girls for their boyfriends were discovered posted online at Dropbox and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio called for a boycott of Chick-Fil-A, not because Chick-Fil-A actually […]

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February 17, 2016

God is Like a Train

We Christians have a communication problem when we try to share the truth about God with unbelieving friends and family members.  The problem is there are actually two different kinds of truth claims and most people tend to mix them up.  Consequently, sometimes we talk past each other when witnessing. It’s easiest to explain using […]

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January 13, 2016

Hitting Us Where it Hurts

Faithfulness to Christ might well cost us the ‘American Dream’

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January 6, 2016

How Should Local Churches Respond to the D211 issue?

We are proposing that leaders and members of local Evangelical churches (churches that accept that the Bible is perfect and without error) stand up with us and be witnesses to the D211 area. As God’s people we are being given a great opportunity to speak the truth. If not now, then when? Click headline to read more….

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January 3, 2016

Time to Stop Playing by the Devil’s Rules

By a New Hope Community Church staff member Is it time to bring God and the Bible back to government and public policy debates? The short answer is a resounding YES. It’s not only time – it’s long overdue. God and His wisdom never should have been excluded from public policy debates in the first […]

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December 17, 2015

Daily Herald Editorial Illustrates Biblical Truth

Christians believe that the Bible is the very message of God to mankind.  The truth of its claims are being illustrated in increasingly more obvious ways to those who still care about truth today.   Jesus said, “To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, […]

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