A Religion that is Impure

Pastor James Pittman, Jr. – June 28, 2015 – James 2 Propositional Statement: The impurity of partiality is evil. 1) We are never to look down on someone because they have little money 2) We are never to look up to someone because they have much money 3) Showing partiality Read more…

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A Religion that is Pure

Pastor James Pittman, Jr. – June 21, 2015 – James 1:19-2:10 Propositional Statement: The one truly worshiping God exercises wisdom and grows as a result. 1) The growing Christian thinks before he speaks when criticized. 2) The growing Christian allows the Word of God to change his behavior. 3) The Read more…

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Judgment is Real

March 22, 2015 Pastor James Pittman, Jr. 2 Peter 2:1-11 Propositional: God’s word informs us pertaining to His judgments – past, present and future Certainty of God’s present judgments against false teachers Certainty of God’s past judgments Certainty of God’s future judgments  

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Because He Cares for You

March 1, 2015 – Pastor James Pittman, Jr. 1 Peter 5 Proposition: God shows us the fruit of suffering and what we all should be striving toward. 1) A mature leader exhibits certain godly attributes he does not have to be forced to lead he is not motivated by money Read more…

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The Head, The Heart

1 Peter 4:1-11  Proposition: The Word of God informs our minds how to think and our heart how to will so that Jesus is glorified 1) We are to be controlled by the mind of God, not the feelings of the flesh 2) The will to love overcomes sin in Read more…

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Reverse the Curse

1 Peter 3:1-8  Proposition: God gives instructions to both husband and wife for achieving a harmonious, godly home  1) God asks wives to submit themselves to their own husbands 2) Wives are to focus on the inner beauty 3) Fear is the enemy of submission in the home 4) Husbands Read more…

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The Mind Polluters Part 2: Are Schools Sexualizing Our Children? September 27, 2022 - 6:30 PMNew Hope Community Church 1023 E. Palatine Rd. in Palatine (next to fire station, parking in back).

Join us as we continue to take a stand against the sexualization of children in our schools. We will be showing the first full hour of "The Mind Polluters" documentary and have discussion/Q&A time. ***We are taking ACTION steps prior to 9/27. Please email us at schooltaskforce@newhopeforyou.org for details.*** Thank you.