WELCOME!  We are the School Task Force of New Hope Community Church and we are glad you are here. Our mission is to raise awareness in the community about the ever-increasing sexualization of children in our local schools. It was just a few years ago we were arguing about a handful of sexually explicit books and our school board’s decision to allow one poor confused boy to use the girl’s locker room. Now our D211 high schools have dozens of obscene books, radical sex ed and are teaching EVERY child that their future may lie in one of hundreds of so-called ‘gender identities.’ 

Why is this happening? Are parents demanding pornographic books and gender confusion curriculum for their children? Of course not. To make a long story short, radical activists in government, school unions and elsewhere are using our schools to educate children away from the beliefs and values of their parents. Shaping the way our kids think is replacing teaching the core academic subjects of English, math and science as the primary mission of our schools. D211 schools have the poor academic report card to prove it. The goal is to destroy the gender and sexual norms of our society.

We believe that God has given parents the privilege and responsibility of shaping their children’s values and beliefs regarding sex. Our educators do not have the right to either determine those values or contradict the values taught at home. Nor do our schools have the right to place obscene materials into the hands of our kids. To do so is an alarming threat to parental rights as well as religious freedom.

We are seeking to raise awareness in our local community about this problem and perhaps even reverse some of the destruction where possible. We hope you will join us in this effort.  

Why Doesn’t Our School Board Do Something About This?

The short answer to that question is that the majority of our school board members do not really represent us. There are some reasons for this that may surprise you. Here is the first. You may not realize it, but the teacher’s union and other school employee unions were directly involved in getting three of our board members elected: Board President Klimkowicz, McGowan, and Bradley.

​Here’s how it works: The unions chose them to run. Then, they coordinated and financed their campaigns using union money and union workers. Union members (school employees) are told who to vote for and they turned out in droves to vote for them on Election Day. And because most residents do not vote in these off-season (April) elections, they won. 

In the end, our district ended up with union members on one side of the negotiating table and school board members (whom the unions helped to elect) on the other. This leaves the community with no voice and no real representation. If this strikes you as a colossal conflict of interest, it is! It’s an outrageous situation. We do not involve ourselves in electing representatives for the unions and they should not be involved in electing representatives for us. It used to be illegal for government employees to unionize for just this reason.  If you are a teacher reading this, we have a SPECIAL WORD for you.

Unfortunately also, some board members are ‘true believers’ in the sexualization of kids. You may be surprised to find out that incumbent board member Kim Cavill is a Comprehensive Sex educator who hosts podcasts for kids as young as middle school with titles such as “All About Anal”(no longer available), “Creating Queer Inclusive Spaces for Kids” and “Can Boys Wear Dresses?” See her podcasts HERE. She has removed the audio files, but the titles and descriptions tell the story. There is too much to say about her here, but you can read MORE.

So there you have it; three union lackeys and one radical sex educator. On a seven member school board that’s a majority–even without Steven Rosenblum who also voted for the National Sex Ed Standards.

Our community needs school board members who will actually represent OUR values. Mark your calendars! You can apply for your mail-in ballot TODAY or vote early in-person starting March 20 for the April 4 school board election. See our voter guide for MORE INFORMATION.

What Can I Do? A Lot…

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