March 1, 2015 – Pastor James Pittman, Jr.

1 Peter 5

Proposition: God shows us the fruit of suffering and what we all should be striving toward.

1) A mature leader exhibits certain godly attributes

  • he does not have to be forced to lead
  • he is not motivated by money
  • he leads by example
  • he is controlled by the deep conviction of the return of Christ

 2) A maturing Christian respects the leaders of the church

3) A maturing Christian shows deference to other believers

4) A maturing Christian does not seek power but waits for God to open doors

5) A maturing Christian never forgets he is in a war!

6) A maturing Christian understands that suffering is the process for all believers

7) A maturing Christian trust that God is in control and that any suffering will be used for his benefit

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