Obscene Books

Unfortunately because it has been tolerated for many years, the problem of obscene books in our local school libraries has only grown worse. As you will see, each of our D211 school libraries now contain literally DOZENS of books of the sort you see here. At best they encourage sexual immorality. At worst they are blatantly pornographic. The primary purpose of placing these kind of books into the hands of children is to change the sexual and gender norms of our society.

We have submitted formal requests to D211 to remove these ten books from our school libraries. It remains to be seen whether or not our D211 school board will respond to reason. Past experience does not leave us optimistic. Scroll to see the books or read MORE.


JACK OF HEARTS (and other parts)

Found in Hoffman Estates, Fremd, Conant, Schaumburg and Palatine High School libraries.

Just make sure you’ve taken a sh*t beforehand and cleaned after–preferably with soap and water in the shower. “Cause if you gotta go while he’s inside you, it’s going to come out gross…It helps if you start riding him facing forward–then you have more control about how deep he goes, and you can still communicate what you need…If you decide to switch holes, use a fresh condom.  And be prepared–sometimes sh*t just happens. But if you take it slow it can be really great.  READ MORE


Found in Hoffman Estates, Fremd, Conant, Schaumburg and Palatine High School libraries.  NOTE:  This book is explains how to use a phone app to meet up with adult gay men in the local area.  It’s in all five of our D211 high schools, thus available to kids as young as 14.

How sex apps work:
1. Upload a tiny pic of yourself to the app.
2. The app works out your location.
3. The app tells you who the nearest homosexuals are.
4. You then chat to them.
5. Because they are near, it is easy to meet up with them.



Found in Hoffman Estates, Fremd, Conant, Schaumburg and Palatine High School libraries. 

“By now we were both touching each other. I tried my best not to enjoy it, because
you were my COUSIN. We were crossing a line that family should never cross. But it felt so right for a boy who always felt that he was wrong. To know someone else was having those same feelings validated everything going on inside of me. I knew it wasn’t fake. But the fact that we were doing it in secret also told me this wasn’t something anyone would accept.”



Found in Hoffman Estates, Fremd, Conant, Schaumburg and Palatine High School libraries.

D*ck harm is a thing that comes up with us a lot.  It’s kind of our go-to trope…specifically i had to go to the reception desk and unload an entire clip of staples into the side of my d*ck…i wandered the parking lot…until i happened upon an unlocked parked car at which point i summoned a b*ner so that i could slam the car door on my own b*ner…there’s all kinds of nuance to d*ck harm that we’ve been developing over the years. READ MORE


Found in Fremd, Conant, Schaumburg and Palatine High School libraries.

Kaeleigh was used to Daddy’s visits, but that night she, too, felt something different in the air. Rage. Lust. Sorrow. Perversion. All mingled in Daddy’s sweat.
There was nothing gentle about how he threw back the covers. Already naked, he pushed Kaeleigh roughly to one side, flopped beside her.
I could tell she was afraid. This wasn’t her Daddy…

Shut the f**k up at her pitiful scream, a plea to please, please no, Daddy, no. It hurts. Oh! I cowered, sick at the sight, but unable to divorce myself from the horror. I felt Kaeleigh’s pain. And when Daddy was done and she cried, I cried too. READ MORE


Found in Hoffman Estates, Fremd, Conant, Schaumburg and Palatine High School libraries.

NOTE:  This excerpt depict a gang rape.

“F**k Ennis. It’s my turn.”
A rhyme for children: One, two, three: How many can there be?
A thought: I’m going to die.
Rocking, thrashing, a violent seal. Then more. So much more. More than can
possibly be imagined.
A voice: “Turn on the lights, man. I want to see her…”
A voice: “F**k, she’s puking.”
A voice: “Just turn her over.”

…It is morning and she is only mostly gone. Her hair is caked with puke. She hurts all over. She hurts inside. The floor is littered with crumpled clothes and half a dozen used condoms. READ MORE


Found in Hoffman Estates and Conant High School libraries.

He began to knead his fist against the opening of my vagina. Inserted his fingers into it, three or four
at a time. Something tore. I began to bleed there. I was wet now.
It made him excited. He was intrigued. As he worked his whole fist up into my vagina and pumped it, I went into my brain. 


Found in Conant and Schaumburg High School libraries.  NOTE: Amazon says, Five troubled teenagers fall into prostitution…

He is strong. My heart pounds as he wraps my right leg around his hip, lifts.  Beneath my short denim skirt, he finds nothing but skin and hot, wet pulsing. His fingers start there, work their way inside. My body screams for orgasm, but not like that. “F**k me,“ I beg. His eyes, feral, meet mine. He smiles, props me up on his knee. Unzips his fine silk trousers, brings the swollen knob of his c**k just outside my thrumming slit. Stops. “Say please.” READ MORE

THE V-WORD:  True Stories About First-Time Sex

Found in Hoffman Estates High School library. 

Courtney’s pubic hair starts tickling the tip of my nose, which is about to make me sneeze… So I push my face further into her folds.  Pressing my nose and mouth more into her, I can now feel her pubes on my tongue.  The don’t taste gross either.

…I sit up and wipe her salty liquid taste from my chin.  A hair tickles the back of my throat.  I pull it out and stair at it–it’s proof that i’m a lesbian.  I kinda want to keep it. READ MORE


Found in Hoffman Estates, Fremd, Conant, Schaumburg and Palatine High School libraries.

I turn up the volume and yank back the covers on my bed, slide beneath them, and don’t restart the vibrator until it’s muffled underneath the blankets.
Between the closed door and the loud music and the heavy quilt, no one but me could possibly hear the angry buzz of Seth’s first and final gift to me. I let my knees splay open and find my slit with my fingers, the soft hooded nub at it’s apex, and I guide the red rubber ball against it.


On November 10, 2022 our school board voted to align our D211 sex ed curriculum with the radical National Sex Education Standards (NSES).  Neighboring high school districts in Arlington Heights, Barrington and Lake Zurich voted to reject the NSES–and for good reason. The standards are appalling. Topics include:

  • Oral Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Multiple Genders
  • Dental Dams
  • Negotiating Sexual Pleasure
  • Getting an abortion without your parents knowledge

In voting for this, our school board ignored a PACKED room, 2+hours of public comment and hundreds of emails from the community asking them NOT to align with the NSES.  Board members Pete Dombrowski and Mark Cramer were the only ones to listen to the valid concerns of parents and vote NO. READ MORE

What’s Wrong With Our School Board?

The short answer to that question is that the majority of our school board members do not really represent us.  They are supposed to, but they do not.  There are some reasons for this that may surprise you.  Here is the first.  You may not realize it, but the teacher’s union and other school employee unions were directly involved in getting three of our board members; McGowan, Bradley and Klimkowizc elected.

Here’s how it works:  The unions chose them to run.  Then, they financed and coordinated their campaigns using union money and union workers. Union members (school employees) turned out in droves to vote for them on election day.  And because most residents do not vote in these off-season (April) elections, they won. 

In the end, our district ended up with union members on one side of the negotiating table and three school board members (whom they helped to elect) on the other.  This has been going on for decades; leaving the community with no voice and no real representation.  If this strikes you as a colossal conflict of interest, it is!  It’s an outrageous situation.  We do not involve ourselves in electing representatives for the unions and they should not be involved in electing representatives for us.  It used to be illegal for government employees to unionize for just this reason. 

You may also be surprised to find out that incumbent board member Kim Cavill is a sex educator who hosts podcasts for kids as young as middle school with titles like “All About Anal”(no longer available), “Creating Queer Inclusive Spaces for Kids”and “Can Boys Wear Dresses?” See her podcasts HERE. Too much to say about her here, but you can read MORE.  

So, there you have it; three union lackeys and one radical sex educator. On a seven member school board that’s a majority–even without the vote of Steven Rosenblum who also voted for the National Sex Ed Standards.

Electing a school board that is responsive to the community could be a game-changer.  Mark your calendars! Mail-in voting has begun for the school board election April 4th. See our VOTER GUIDE for more information. 

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