Acts 15:1-21

The Church should resolves problems through godly leadership and submission to God’s word

1). The Church understands God does the saving not man

2). The Church does not seek uniform culture

3). The Church believes salvation is by Grace

4). The Church should be lead by scriptures in all matters of practice

5). The Church believes biblical morals transcends culture

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The Mind Polluters Part 2: Are Schools Sexualizing Our Children? September 27, 2022 - 6:30 PMNew Hope Community Church 1023 E. Palatine Rd. in Palatine (next to fire station, parking in back).

Join us as we continue to take a stand against the sexualization of children in our schools. We will be showing the first full hour of "The Mind Polluters" documentary and have discussion/Q&A time. ***We are taking ACTION steps prior to 9/27. Please email us at for details.*** Thank you.